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As per usual, mostly for my own sake so that I’ll remember/be able to look back more easily. Reports are not my thing so it’s probably incoherent and what not. But after writing about the CNBLUE con in May I really learnt the emotional value of noting things down. (Just imagine if I had been in my right mind after Miyagi Blast..</3)

I got a ticket to the November shows despite having planned to only go in December (because my rationalising was that if I go in November I won’t be satisfied and then I would go again in December and that would be expensive (And I did. Twice. Arena at that - 360 degrees of Arashi. Open path to Sho during Miles Away. *^*)…duh yeah. But. Yeah. No choice. I had to go! XD)

I am happyCollapse )
Last night, at 1.30 am, just as I was planning on going to sleep, I wanted to look up the highligts from Jonghyun's upcoming solo album as I am probably going to a concert. But, this was the first recommended video.. CNBLUE SPRING LIVE!! AT BUDOKAN!! MAY 27th!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!? :DD Naturally, I didn't go to sleep, but watched it!

It hasn't even been 2 months and I already got to see the concert again! And I've already rewatched half of it today ^^;
It's only 1,5 hours though. They cut a lot of the talk and they didn't include the encore T_T (but maybe that's just as well as I now get to contine reminiscing about how fantastic 'Radio' was)

I had to tweak my playlist after this too. They sang the Japanese version of 'Lie' (not the Korean as I thought). And they sang 'realize'. I don't know if they cut 'IRONY' or if the multiple setlists I checked were all wrong...but why would that be the one and only to have been cut..

I am really in CNBLUE moods lately. I mostly listen to the Budokan playlist, but it's fun rediscovering their Korean releases, and getting more familiar with the Japanese ones too.
Current Music: CNBLUE - Blind Love